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Aging not only leads to the formation of wrinkles on the skin, but it can also make the skin look less vibrant, even dull in tone. Chemical peels with Dr. LoBuono and his staff are an effective way at reducing fine lines and wrinkles and returning a glow to your skin.

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What is a chemical peel?

During a chemical peel, a chemical is applied to the skin. The chemical penetrates into the skin’s outer layers, causing the outer layer to peel. The new skin that replaces the old, damaged skin is smoother and younger looking.

Chemical peels are classified by the aggressiveness of the chemicals involved. At LoBuono Dermatology in Monmouth County, NJ, we offer superficial and medium-strength peels.

Who is a good candidate for chemical peels?

Generally, patients with fair skin and light hair are good candidates for chemical peels. Those who have darker skin may still achieve good results, depending on the problem being treated. However, there is also a higher chance of having uneven skin tone after treatment.

Although chemical peels can improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, they are not effective treatment for severe wrinkles.

What are the different types of chemical peels?

Dr. LoBuono performs our medium-depth peels using trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Because their penetration is deeper, TCA peels are usually only performed once.

Our registered nurse performs our superficial peels. We use Neo-Strata brand glycolic acid peels; these are made from natural fruit juice acids and strengths vary from 20 to 70 percent. There is some mild discomfort during superficial peels, but that passes quickly once the peel is finished. To achieve your desired results, a series of treatments are needed. Glycolic peels clear away fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, reduce pore size, and return radiance to dull skin.

Chemical Peel Process Explained

A chemical peel is the application of an acidic solution to the surface of the skin. It penetrates into the skin, destroying the upper layer, smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles. This eliminates some sun damaged brown spots and pre-cancerous lesions. There is also evidence that deeper peels can help to regenerate collagen in the dermal layer of the skin, helping to tighten it. All of these changes make for a younger appearance.

As peels increase in intensity, redness and peeling increase. The stronger the acid, the deeper the penetration in the skin.

Superficial peels, usually mild glycolic acid, the mildest of chemical peels, target only the top layers of skin. These work well for patients seeking a refreshed, brighter looking skin with minimal redness and down time.

Medium depth peels usually use Trichloracetic acid(TCA). With TCA peels, patients will experience a stinging and burning sensation for about five to fifteen minutes. Then the feeling is gone. To make the patient more comfortable, the face is pre-treated with topical anesthetic cream and is cooled during the procedure to control patient discomfort. Most patients tolerate this short time very well. The medium depth, TCA peel, usually takes five to seven days for the skin to recover. Any residual redness is temporary and will resolve over time.

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