Dr. Philip LoBuono is a Board Certified Dermatologist with over 30 years of experience in private practice. He is an assistant professor of Dermatology at Columbia Medical School and at Mt. Sinai Medical School, both in New York City. Dr. LoBuono is also on the teaching staff at the Bronx V.A. Hospital where he is involved in the training of Dermatology residents in the Columbus Presbyterian Medical Program.

Dermatology Services:dermatology-Monmouth-county-new-jersey-fat-removal-skin-rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal:

Let’s face it — removing unwanted hair is a pain, literally and figuratively. Waxing, plucking, and shaving are all painful endeavors and you have to do them again if a few days, or at best, a few weeks. Let Dr. LoBuono help you rid your body of unwanted hair easily and effectively in New Jersey.

Skin Rejuvenation:

The skin is under attack from all sides. The sun damages it every time we step outdoors. Stress impacts it every time the boss yells at us. And aging takes its own inevitable toll. Even the healthiest person loses the youthful glow that is the hallmark of younger skin. To combat all of this skin damage, Dr. LoBuono of Monmouth County, NJ uses the Syneron elōs Plus system to offer various skin rejuvenation procedures.

And More!

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