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Hair loss is a common problem. By age 50, half of women will experience some hair loss. Average adults lose 50-150 hairs a day. Many myths and misconceptions of what causes hair loss abound. Here is a review of what works and what does not work in the World of Hair Loss.


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Several patented supplements for hair loss have been investigated in randomized controlled trials funded by the companies that produce these supplements. But there is little evidence to suggest that any supplements benefit patients who do not have deficiencies in iron, zinc or biotin.

  • Iron deficiency is very common especially in pre-menopausal women. There may be a relationship between iron deficiency and hair loss conditions such as excessive shedding, alopecia areata and Female Pattern Hair Loss, (FPHL). Most women with hair loss have FPHL. This is a chronic situation and any remedy /treatment must be continued indefinitely in order to maintain benefits.
  • Zinc is an important mineral that has several functions in the hair follicle. Biotin is effective in treating patients with a Biotin deficiency such as alopecia, brittle nails and dermatitis.
  • Biotin deficiency is usually not found in patients consuming a normal diet.

Little research exists to support the practice of treating hair topically with natural products to reverse hair loss. Washing hair more or less often has really no effect on hair loss. Likewise hair brushing has little effect on loss or rate of hair re-growth. But Chemical straightening, dyes, and bleaches, heat/hot rollers and curling irons can damage hair. The amount of damage varies greatly based on the age and type of hair. The hair shaft becomes less tolerant to heat and chemicals as it ages.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is one of only two FDA approved therapies for the treatment of hair loss, and the only FDA approved therapy for women. Minoxidil is thought to increase hair growth rate and hair follicle diameter. Many patients do not see re-growth until 4-6 months after starting treatment. One hair growth cycle is 3 months long and treatment is needed for at least 2-3 growth cycles to see any increase in hair growth. When Minoxidil is used to treat temporary hair loss, patients may be able to safely stop treatment without losing hair growth.