Sublime Skin Contouring in Monmouth County, NJ

With aging comes wisdom but also wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. The skin doesn’t lie about its age. But if you wish your skin could look like it did years ago, Subline skin contouring could be for you.

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What is Sublime skin contouring?

You can now reverse unwanted signs of aging without any downtime. Sublime skin contouring is an advanced cosmetic dermatology procedure that helps you achieve a more youthful appearance. Through the use of elōs technology, which is a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and laser/light energy, collagen production is effectively stimulated, improving your overall skin quality. Sublime contouring with Dr. LoBuono can target areas of the face that are especially prone to the signs of aging — the skin around the eyes, cheeks, brow lines, and neck.

What are the advantages of Sublime skin contouring?

Sublime is a non-invasive wrinkle treatment. The elōs technology that the treatment uses is safe and effective. This fast treatment saves you time, and provides immediate, visible results. Since it is not an invasive procedure, the patient doesn’t require any recovery time.

How does Sublime skin contouring work?

The Sublime procedure combines safe levels of bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light energies to heat the dermis, the second layer of the skin under the epidermis, stimulating new collagen production. Collagen provides support and structure to the skin. The elōs technology, by combining light energy with radio frequency energy is able to penetrate more deeply into the dermis. This creates a deeper area for new collagen production.

After your Sublime treatment, there may be some reddening of the skin in the treated areas, but this passes in a few hours. Generally, this procedure reduces fine lines, improves facial contour, smoothes the skin, and evens out skin tone.

Before and After | Lobuono MD | Monmouth County, NJ
Before and After | Lobuono MD | Monmouth County, NJ