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Improve the Appearance of Cellulite in Monmouth County, NJ

What is Velashape®?

velashapeVelashape® is a circumferential fat reduction and cellulite treatment. Velashape® contours, shapes, and slims the body by improving the appearance of cellulite and reducing circumference of thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen in as few as 4 treatment sessions. This devise uses massage and radio waves to comfortably warm the cellulite. Gradual improvement of the treated area can be noticed after the first treatment. The surface of the skin will feel smoother and firmer. Circumference reduction result can average between .5 to 3 inches after the 4th treatment. Contact the practice of Dr. LoBuono in Spring Lake, NJ to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.

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Candidates for VelaShape® Cellulite and Fat Reduction Treatment

Most women have cellulite no matter what size, shape or weight they may be. Therefore, Velashape® is a great solution to rid your body of unwanted fat and cellulite.

Results Of VelaShape®

VelaShape® results are cumulative and gradual. Improvement can be seen following the first treatment. The skin’s surface of the treated area will begin to appear smoother and firmer with each treatment. We encourage patients to combine their treatments with a healthy lifestyle utilizing exercise and healthy eating habits to achieve the greatest benefit.

VelaShape® Before & After

Before and After | Lobuono MD | Monmouth County, NJ

Before and After | Lobuono MD | Monmouth County, NJ

How Many Inches Can I Reduce From My Circumference With VelaShape®?

Clinical studies show an average of 1-inch reduction post-VelaShape® treatment. In clinical trials, the average range of circumferential reduction was 0.5 to 3 inches. Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colors.

Are VelaShape® Results Permanent?

Following your complete treatment, it is recommended to get maintenance treatments periodically.

Does The VelaShape® Treatment Hurt?

Most patients find Velashape® comfortable, like a warm deep massage. The treatment is designed to accommodate your sensitivity and comfort level. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours post-treatment. Your skin may appear blushed for a few hours.


Patient Reviews

“The office is a complete combination of welcoming and professional. Both LoBuono and his staff greet you upon seeing you creating a nice environment to come into.” – Liam R


VelaShape® Recovery

Velashape® is cleared by the FDA and provides dramatic results without downtime or any discomforts. Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types. Most people find VelaShape comfortable— like a warm deep tissue massage.

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