CoolSculpting® vs. UltraShape®: Exploring Your Treatment Options

Nonsurgical fat reducing procedures have become the new norm in body-sculpting. Now that men and women have a way to improve their physique without surgery, they are taking advantage of the innovative technologies available to them. Whether through surgery or not, treating unwanted fat means making an investment of your money and time. Therefore, it is only natural that you would want to know that the treatment you choose is one that will lead you to the body you want.

Two of the common nonsurgical treatments that are popular today are CoolSculpting® and UltraShape®. We offer the latter in our Spring Lake office. Here, we discuss the differences between the two methods of body-contouring so you can see how they work and what they have to offer you.


CoolSculpting treatment works on the theory of cryolipolysis or the destruction of fat cells through freezing. Treatment involves pulling a small area of tissue, such as the lower abdomen, up and in between two panels. Gentle, constant suction keeps tissue secured in this position while freezing temperature is delivered through each panel section. One of the clear disadvantages of this process is that cold temperature can be more than a little uncomfortable. Treating technicians claim that the discomfort that stems from cold lasts only 5 to 10 minutes, then nerve endings numb sufficiently to make the remaining treatment time tolerable.


UltraShape is also an external method of fat reduction; only this technique relies on the power of pulsed ultrasonic waves. This energy is tissue-selective, which means it only targets fat cells during each treatment session. As these cells are penetrated by varying ultrasound waves, they are broken down and separated from the superficial tissue to which they cling. This allows the body to naturally metabolize these cells over time. The manner of elimination does not differ from CoolSculpting to UltraShape; what is different is the method behind the fat destruction. Treatment consists of our technician passing a small handpiece over the treatment area to deliver the right amount of energy. Treatment takes less than an hour in most cases, and there is no downtime and virtually no discomfort during your session.

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