Ultrashape or Velashape? Is this the Right Question?

It may feel to you as though you’ve waited an entire year for the return of warm weather. Now that we are planted firmly in Spring, your heart may be fluttering with all things new, especially friendlier temperatures and visions of summertime fun. In contrast to this, you may also be ever-so-slightly preoccupied with how you will look and feel your best when the time comes to don tank tops and shorts.

Here in our Spring Lake, NJ dermatology office, we love getting the opportunity to help patients just like you feel great in their own skin. To help you embrace the best version of you, we want to discuss the value of Ultrashape and Velashape treatments. The two sound similar, but are quite different – and that can make all the difference in which you choose.

A Look at UltraShape

UltraShape is all about fat reduction. This non-invasive body-contouring platform uses pulsed ultrasound technology to target excess fat cells in areas such as the thighs, hips, and stomach. Because it is non-invasive, working completely from the outside in, UltraShape does not require you to take time out of your busy schedule. This is precisely why this modality is popular. For several years, potential patients have shied away from the surgical liposuction procedure because they want to avoid the risks associated with surgery. UltraShape offers an alternative. During treatment, pulsed ultrasound passes through the skin to affect superficial, subcutaneous fat. On contact, this energy transfers to heat. This heat then disrupts the walls of each fat cell, causing held triglycerides to break free. Once separated from the cellular matrix, triglycerides can be metabolized. Results appear gradually as metabolism occurs, and fat cells will be gone forever.

A Look at VelaShape

While VelaShape is also considered a non-invasive body-contouring treatment, it’s objective is different than it’s Sister-platform. When we perform VelaShape, it is because a patient wants to reduce circumference and visible cellulite in one or more areas of the body. Rather than using ultrasound to target cells, VelaShape uses a combination of infrared light, radiofrequency, and gentle suction. The synergistic effect of these technologies promotes circulation and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. Common treatment areas include the thighs, flanks, abdomen, stomach, arms, or neck.

Now About That Question . . .

We posed the question “UltraShape or VelaShape?” In reality, there need not be an answer that involves one or the other. In many situations, patients achieve their objective with a combination of the two.

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