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Beauty goals are not uncommon among any age group. During this time of year when a large percentage of people are rethinking how they want to live the months ahead, how one feels about their appearance usually comes up. If your appearance is not aligned with how you feel on the inside, there are quick ways to achieve positive change. Even if your goals revolve around getting a better body, there is a chance we have a treatment that can put the icing on your shape cake.

Let’s Start with the Basics

Beauty has a few basics. First, the skin needs to be healthy and receptive to what you do on a daily basis. Since we’re at the beginning of a new year, why not make this the month when you clean the slate on your skin? Doing so can pave the way to ongoing beauty all year long. We have two proven ways to press reset on the skin. One is to remove dead and damaged cells with a chemical solution (chemical peel) and the other is to manually remove debris using a microdermabrasion technique. Both treatments can be gentle enough to repeat monthly if you so choose. Each is an excellent method of renewing your skin’s glow and its ability to absorb nutrients.

Going High Tech to Rejuvenate the Face and Body

Recent advances in aesthetic medicine have made it possible to make over the skin, superficial tissue, and even the shape of the body without surgery. In our Spring Lake office, patients have multiple options for high-tech rejuvenation. More important than having numerous options is the fact that our patients also get guidance on how each approach works and what it can do for them. A few examples include:

  • UltraShape body contouring treatment administers ultrasound energy alongside alternating pressure waves to distress and disrupt fat cells. The changing pressure combined with ultrasound energy creates vapor cavities within fat cells that cause them to rupture for faster metabolism. The body safely processes the released triglycerides and fat cells are gone forever.
  • elōs Plus skin rejuvenation can improve tone, texture and overall firmness and softness. Like laser treatments, elōs Plus seeks to provoke collagen production to remedy multiple concerns at once. Unlike traditional lasers, this system affects deeper layers of tissue with a combination of both laser and light energy with bi-polar radio frequency energy.

Beauty goals don’t have to be difficult to achieve. To get help with yours, call 732.449.0167.

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