Remove Unwanted Hair in Monmouth County, NJ

Let’s face it — removing unwanted hair is a pain, literally and figuratively. Waxing, plucking, and shaving are all painful endeavors and you have to do them again if a few days, or at best, a few weeks.

But thanks to the ELOS Plus system at LoBuono Dermatology in Monmouth County you can get rid of that hair permanently! Contact us today to discuss our advanced laser hair removal treatments.

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What is IPL laser hair removal?

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is a laser hair removal approach that utilizes specific light wavelengths to remove hair directly from its follicles and different chromophores in the skin. The light used in the treatment is attracted to the hair pigment through its shaft. The light is then converted to heat, destroying the follicle and precluding future hair development.

How does IPL and laser hair removal differ?

Laser hair removal is different from IPL since laser treatments make use of coherent and monochromatic laser-generated light. Meanwhile, IPL treatments use broad spectrum light. While IPL is not technically a proper laser, it might still be referred to as a laser treatment in the cosmetic industry.

What is ELOS laser hair removal?

While IPL technology as means for hair removal has proven to be effective for many patients with fair skin and dark hair, it is less effective on patients with lighter hair and dark skin. As a solution to this, the ELOS technology was developed, integrating bi-polar radiofrequency with optical energy. By integrating radiofrequency energy into the laser hair removal treatment, individuals with light hair can also benefit from a permanent hair removal procedure, while those with dark skin can have less risk of having their surrounding skin affected by the treatment.

What can I expect from an ELOS laser hair removal procedure?

Dr. LoBuono usually recommends a series of six to eight ELOS laser hair removal sessions to achieve optimal results in our Spring Lake office. Each consecutive session should be spaced four to six weeks apart. Patients say ELOS hair removal treatments have the sensation of a pin prick or a light flick on the skin. After the procedure, the patient may notice slight redness or swelling in the area, but this will disappear in one or two days.

laser hair removal monmouth county nj
laser hair removal monmouth county nj